TV One is representing and reigning supreme this summer with original programming for “Summer Movies: Love, Lies, & Murder”.

Is Another Friday Movie coming for 2020?

Who’s fooling who? Ice Cube or Tiny Lister? “You Aint Gotta Lie Craig!”

Essence Beauty Carnival

An interactive journey through influential and iconic Black hairstyles and hair trends led the way inside of the Essence Beauty Carnival during the 2019 Essence Festival…

The Circle of Life

Since this movie is celebrating its’ 25th Anniversary, I don’t think anything that I am going to say will be such a major spoiler. “The Lion King’s” main theme touches on the Circle of Life.


Family Reunion Executive Produced by Meg DeLoatch, and Directed by Eric Dean Seaton is penned by entirely by African American writers. The show is being touted as “Back Family Magic” and it is funny, warm, heartfelt, and MAGICAL.

SnowFall Season 3

Get ready for a wild ride, as we venture into the era of tape decks, jerri curls, and an unstoppable crack epidemic. Welcome to the summer of 1984, and the highly anticipated Season 3 premier of Snowfall. This season promises not to disappoint as we continue to follow the life of Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), a young street entrepreneur beginning to experience the perils of success.

The Bobby DeBarge Story

Despite his success in music, the Iconic Falsetto found his life in peril as he struggled with fame and fortune, addiction, and incarceration.


25 years of people coming together to “Party with a Purpose.”

Last Black Man in San Francisco: An Ode to Friendship, Culture, and Change

Taraji P. Henson and Bashea Williams talk about Mental Health Issues in the African American Community and her new foundation dedicated to her father.

The X-Men Allegory

The allegorical X-Men now tackles the issue of Mental Health in The Dark Phoenix (released June 6th).

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