‘Power’ Moves in D.C.!

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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Naturi Naughton from the STARZ hit show POWER were in the Nations Capital this past Wednesday, October 30th, at the MPA Theater revealing an advanced screening of the mid-season finale to congressional leaders Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay (D-MO), Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-CA) as well as Derrick Johnson (President & CEO, NAACP) and John Burns(Co-Founder, Icon Talks).

All bets are off and all debts must be paid as we head near the end of the series Power! At this point no one is safe and it seems like it’s every man for himself! Season 6 began by revealing James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s long time girlfriend Angela Valdez has been killed by his long time former partner and brother Tommy Eagan. There are two things that Ghost is after in this final season. One is to make sure he builds the Queen Child Project in honor of his late daughter Reina’s memory with the help of Councilman Tate and two is to get revenge on Tommy for murdering the love of his life. James has lost way more than he has gained and he’s about to lose the only family he has left for good. Tasha resents James for murdering her lawyer and lover Terry Silver. She tried to get as far away as she can from Ghost by moving out of their New York penthouse and in to a condo. To sustain her lifestyle and somewhat survival, she opens up a daycare and begins to distribute narcotics while watching “BeBe’s Kids.” James and Tasha’s son Tariq is kicked out of his private school Chote for following in his parents footsteps and selling drugs which he stole from Tommy Eagan, who soon finds out about it from his girlfriend Lakeisha. That’s right, Tommy is still the same Tommy selling drugs and trying to start his own empire by building a new life with his new family. 

Tommy and Ghost are at odds through most of the season with each other nearly killing the other. Soon the war is called for a truce in order for both of to get together so that they can kill the cartel leader Jason Micic who plays puppet master manipulating both of their lives. That plans turn awry when Tommy arrives at his new home and sees his girlfriend Lakeisha dead on the floor after being out with her son Cash buying an engagement ring. Tommy thinks Ghost has murdered Lakeisha for him killing Angela. Unbeknownst to him (yet), it was in fact Tasha who has murdered Lakeisha for finding out that Lakeisha was going to flip on Tommy in order to be given protective custody for her and her son Cash by Detective Blanca Rodriguez. Even when Tommy intentionally messes up the plan, Ghost still follows through on killing Jason and he (Ghost) tries to frame gangster and drug dealer Andre Coleman for the murder. Andre was supposed to be in witness protection with his daughter until he finds out the one who granted him it, Angela Valdez, is dead. Now that Andre is on his own, he has been cornered by Detective Cooper Saxe, who blackmails him by telling him in order to see his daughter again he must help him take down James by any means necessary; and when we say “By Any Means” that is just what Cooper does even if he has to bend the rules a bit. 

Now that the season is heading full speed towards the end it seems like each character’s world is closing in on them.  Tasha’s day-care has been raided for drugs because Ghost informed the Feds with an anonymous call after finding out Tariq has been also selling drugs out of his mothers business. Tasha returns the favor by tipping the Feds to where Terry Silver body is hidden and suggesting that James (aka Ghost) might have something to do with it. Tommy’s past is coming to haunt him from the families of those he has murdered. He’s also determined to find the person who actually killed Lakeisha and make them pay for it. Tommy may want to watch his back though; it his crew believes he set them up when the Feds unexpectedly raids the warehouse. 2-Bit was already suspicious of Tommy’s recent actions, and was ready to flip on the crew before, so eyeing Tommy hiding behind a dumpster as he is being put in the back of a squad car doesn’t help his gut feeling. Little does he nor Tommy know that is was Andre that set them up. Speaking of Andre Coleman, he is on the run after James framed for Jason’s murder and he goes to Cooper Saxe for help. That’s right, the same mutha that was putting the squeeze on him in the beginning. As the saying goes, “There is no honor among thieves” so Saxe offers his help only if Andre plants the phone that he took from the front seat of the car where Terry Silver body was found on James St. Patrick. Andre succeeds with planting the phone in James’ office at Truth without him knowing. Even when everything is being torn down around him, James feels like the world is still working in his favor. Even after the deceitful ways of his family who has now turned their back on him, James still sees hope in running for politics in his own new venture without Councilman Tate. Now the only thing standing in his way of actually achieving that is undoubtedly Councilman Tate. Tate knows who James really is and is threatening James to expose him as Ghost if he follows through with running against him. 

SideBar: As far as 50 Cent in Washington D.C. with the “Powers” on Capitol Hill, one can only speculate what 50’s next move may be. What we do know is that the influence of Hip Hop continues to spread from Movies, and Television to the ranks of the NFL and the Floors of Congress. Equally as jaw dropping as the ‘Power’ Mid-Season Finale will be what we will soon learn about 50 Cent’s visit to Washington D.C. 

There are many different aspects and narratives when it comes to this massive hit show. Fans are biting their nails as we draw to a conclusion and in the mean time making their own theories on what the “ultimate betrayal” actually is. ‘Power’ has never been a story of a fairytale ending. It’s hard to actually root for any character because each character is shady in his or her own way. One thing for sure is that no one wants the fate of James St. Patrick or Tommy Eagan to end up being in the morgue or behind bars for good. I personally wish that everyone could go on living their lives out of crime and find new life somewhere else out of the hole they are all currently in. That’s just me wishful thinking, but the reality is that whatever the betrayal may be will most certainly have fans jaws dropped in disbelief. Power Mid-Season Finale airs this Sunday November 3rd at 8pm only on STARZ.



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