Black People Love Thrillers Too!

By: Malik Pollard

Black People Love Thrillers Too!

C’mon, who doesn’t love a little “Who Done It” every now and again? The thriller genre has been an increasing fan favorite in Black storytelling and BET+ is leading the pack with films offering many twists and turns, just like their latest film “One Night Stay” starring Letoya Lucket as Milia; The good, innocent, ‘Boss Bitch’ wife? Stephen Bishop as Marcus; The “woe is me, it aint my fault” misunderstood Husband (lol). Essence Atkins as April; The “I aint got nothing to do with it. It wasn’t me” jump off. MC Lyte as “That firend” Jazmine. Rising star Iyana Halley as the crazy, but not so crazy (make that make sense) Jessica. “one Night Stay” directed by Rick Mordecon offers so many WTF Moments that you wont want to get up from your couch just for a second.

After seeing a thriller like this, I like to go IMDB just to see what the logline or storyline has to say: “Obsessive Jessica refuses to be discarded after a one night stand gone wrong. Instead of leaving Marcus’ luxurious mansion, she finds a quiet place to hide and moves in permanently. Resuming their seemingly perfect lives, power couple Marcus and Milia have no idea Jessica is now living with them.Oh this is not even half of the story. The only thing remotely close to being accurate in the luxurious mansion that Milia constantly reminds Marcus that she is paying for while he sits on his ‘weak ass’ (those are Milia’s words in so many words) while she is out there being a Boss.  Then there is Andre (Robert Christopher Riley), and Luke (Lawrence Saint-Victor), and Marissa (Laurissa Romain) with all their plot twists and hidden agendas. I found myself wanting to like a character in the movie, but ended up hating them all. Like, I wanted to feel sorry for Marcus, but not. I wanted to feel sorry for Milia but definitely not. Jessica was the villain, but was she? Maybe Jazmine is the only character I liked. However, Jazmine, that’s your best friend so you had to know something.


Damn you “One Night Stay”! Yet another movie that got me yelling at my TV screen. Shit! I should have used the bathroom before I started it. I guess Im gonna have to hold it because this movie is getting good!



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