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LOGLINE: Mad Flavor Television Show is an entertainment/magazine television show with a mix of sports, music, fashion, charity, and entertainment. The show combines interesting, lighthearted, and engaging coverage of events and celebrity interviews with music videos.

Mad Flavor Television Show is a one-hour entertainment/interview show with a mix of music videos. The show features a weekly host or hosts on location providing coverage for an event and/or interviews. Locations have ranged from Sporting Events, Movie Premieres, Charity Events, Award Shows, Fashion Shows, and more. Past events have included: The NAACP Image Awards, Essence Music Festival, NFL Superbowl Weekend, Ludacris Foundation, NFL Player Foundation Events and Sports Clinics for the youth, BET Awards, Hispanic Congressional Caucus with President Obama, New York Fashion Week, and a multitude of other events with a wide variety of interviews.

Mad Flavor Television shows are compiled and aired in two formats: “Exclusives” and “Standard”. “Exclusives” are shows in which the entire hour is dedicated to one event. These shows are usually Charitable Events, Award shows, or Music Festivals, etc. “Exclusives” usually have less music videos and on average may have 3-5 music videos within the episode. “Standard” shows are usually shows that cover more than one event within the episode, and are usually comprised of standalone interviews from different events or celebrities. An example of a “Standard” show would be an album release party or a scheduled celebrity interview. In a “Standard” show, the hosts would “toss” to one another. In addition, “Standard” shows typically have more music videos within its one-hour broadcast.

Both formats feature a weekly host(s). The host introduces the show, conducts interviews, and wraps the show. The hosts are professionally trained journalists and television personalities/actors. Some of Mad Flavor hosts have appeared on Reality TV, Network Television, and Film.

Executive Producer Malik Pollard began working in Television and Film in 2000. After graduating from Morgan State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems, Malik was exposed to the world of television through a high school friend that had been doing editing and post production for BET Networks in Washington D.C. Malik suddenly developed a thirst for working behind the scenes in Television Production, but had no formal training. He began to do some research that led him to taking classes at a local Public Access Station in Arlington, Virginia; where he volunteered on many producers projects. It was at the station that Malik began to write and develop his own programming and started to produce his first Public Access show. Flavors “A Taste Of Comedy” (Malik Pollard’s first show) was a Mix of Music, Interviews, and Comedic sketches that featured a unique comedy troop of comedians from the local Washington D.C. comedy scene. One of these band of misfits included 2019 NAACP Image Award Nominee Gabrielle Dennis, a young Howard University Theater Major featured on shows and movies like BETs The Game, Luke Cage, and The Bobby Brown Story. As the show grew in popularity, it started to get more interviews and feature more music which prompted Malik Pollard to create a spin-off show Flavor’s Unplugged (later changed to Mad Flavor TV Show). Mad Flavor TV,  has been on the air ever since (2006). The show was originally aired on Public Access stations across the country and has been aired on Verizon FiOS VOD through the Black Broadcasting Network, Comcast Cable, and Verizon FiOS with future plans for digital streaming.


Owner and Executive Producer of Mad Flavor Television Show is Malik Pollard. The show is produced through Malik Pollard’s company SixNetics and Independent Media Entertainment Group (IMEG). Mad Flavor TV is totally self-contained and the production is currently independently funded through SixNetics and IMEG. The entire Life Cycle from pre-production to post production is done in-house. This includes coverage of the events, soliciting music videos, securing interviews, and lining up hosts.

*Note: Music videos for the show can be changed based on the network’s direction, demographic, and target audience.

Link to view Mad Flavor TV episodes (more examples available upon request):


Mad Flavor Televison Show is currently distributed on television through Xfinity Cable and Verizon FiOS Video On Demand (VOD). The show can also be streamed on ROKU through Indie Central TV. Executive Producer Malik Pollard continues to align with networks and service providers to further push the brand and create a larger on-line and broadcast presence. “We believe that Mad Flavor TV Show can be an asset to a network and can create a mutually beneficial relationship in which both show and network can benefit. The show is currently fully produced, packaged, and ready-to-go! It just needs the right home to reach its’ target viewers, and bring more viewership to the network in the same regard.”

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