Gender Equality in Sports Has Finally Been Achieved

Gender Equality in Sports Has Finally Been Achieved – Bridging the Gap Between Gender and Pay:

GMGB Mix & Greet / Mix & Mingle and Washington Fusion VS. Chicago Vikings Mixed Gender Basketball Game (Entertainment and Sport Arena)

WRITTEN BY: SARO / Images by Reggie Hildred (Inner Vision Photography)


In a world that is pushing adamantly to make all things gender neutral, equal pay for equal effort in professional sports is now a reality. 

Global Mixed Gender Basketball (GMGB) is changing the future of Pro Co-Ed Basketball and finally bringing men and women on the court to play together, minus gender discrimination pay.

I was engaged by the contagious and positive energy of this ingenious team at the Meet & Greet/Mix & Mingle, hosted by the D.C.’s newest sports franchise, the Washington Fusion. Nothing short of a magnificent evening with everyone excited what this franchise is bringing to the table that has never been seen before, I was immediately welcomed into their pre-game celebratory fold with each team member eagerly sharing their personal support and sincere belief in the creation of James Scott, Founder/CEO (GMGB) open and honestly with me. “We actually hand pick a lot of the talent and staff to become apart of this and it is all about who believes in the purpose and passion for the league, we are all for the dream” Ash Samuels, Executive Director of Basketball Operations (GMGB) told me. 

With a brief pause from guests socializing, enjoying a game of pool, chef created hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, the executive team gathered their guests to thank all for attending and amp the hype and excitement for the next nights game at the Entertainment and Sport Arena, Washington Fusion VS. Chicago Vikings.  

I absolutely agreed with the words Anwar “Big-G” Glover, Co-Owner, Washington Fusion gave us, “Little girls can now see they can compete against men in the world as women, so its about equality and an amazing time for the future of our city.”

As the players left the Meet & Greet at a responsible time to get prepared for their upcoming game, the remaining guests continued beyond the events scheduled end time to celebrate. 

Excited about my invitation to cover the game I made rounds to thank the Executive team, then wrapping up a phenomenal event to also be prepared for a groundbreaking night ahead.


It was my first time at the Entertainment & Sports Arena, home of the WBNA Champions, Washington Mystics and I was definitely ready to watch the co-ed basketball battle go down on the court. 

Along with me to celebrate the cities newest sports franchise and first witness men and women playing on the basketball court together, were the who-is-who and the families of all wards and communities of Washington, D.C. The arena filled quickly with new Fusion fans as if everyone felt the same as I did, and just wanted to genuinely support something we all believe in and yet had never seen before. 

Getting into the second quarter with the Washington Fusion holding the lead, it was obvious that the female players were seriously going toe-to-toe with the guys like true athletic warriors and we were all in for an exciting game. 

Holding true to the close-knit tapestry of our Washingtonian culture, the game half time was opened up by D.C. natives Mike D’angelo (Rapper/Philanthropist), who spoke on the urgency to stop senseless gun violence and a Go-Go crowd pleasing performance by Washington Fusions Co-Owner, Anwar “Big-G” Glover and the Backyard Band. Definitely enjoying the game, the half time proved to be great entertainment with a heartfelt energy I undoubtedly was D.C. proud and rhythmically into. 

Never letting up on the Chicago Vikings the Washington Fusion put unified effort to effortlessly get the win and take the first mixed gender basketball game victory in Washington, D.C., with a final score of 119-103.



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