Chef Jenard And The “Angels” Of New Soul Kitchen

Chef Jenard And The “Angels” Of New Soul Kitchen  


Whether You Claim Team Carnivor, Herbivor Or Own An Open Palate To Crush It All, How We Prepare, Season And Plate Our Dishes Are Items I Learned Just Recently We Should All Have In Common.

 I Am One Who Cooks Simply Because We Have To Eat, Not Because I Enjoy Cooking. The Opposite Of My Sister, Nadalo, Who Takes Pleasure In Preparing Our Family Dinners And Glows With Natural Elation When Discussing A New Recipes. Now Don’t Get Things Twisted, I Can Throw Down In The Kitchen, But With The Exception Of Those Dishes I Consider To Be My Specialties, I Have Never Had The Urge To Grab A Recipe And Explore On A Regular Basis. For Me It Just Seems Tedious And After Reading A Recipe With Too Many Instructions, I Tend To Lose Interest. That Is, Until I Sat Down To Watch Season 2 Of The “New Soul Kitchen” With Chef Jenard And His “Angels”.

“Recipes Are Culture Builders, Meant To Bridge Gaps, But Sometimes Cooking Can Get Boring And It Is Easy To Slip Into An Auto Pilot With The Same Meals Being Prepped Weekly. The Solution Is To Experiment Using The Ingredients You Already Have”, Chef Jenard, Host Of The “New Soul Kitchen” Expressed During A Recent Press Conference. “Cooking Should Be About Friends And Family, A Melting Pot Of Dishes And The Key Is Adding Herbs And Spices, Because What You Add Makes A Different Experience Each Time”, He Went On, With Natural Elation In His Tone. 

After Watching One Episode Of These Culinary Redeemers, The Mystery Of Why My Food Plating Has Never Been Spectacular Was Solved. I Learned From Chef Jenard That Starting In The Center Of The Plate Is Essential. I Also Learned That If I Know What I Am Going To Cook, I Should Pull Out All Of The Ingredients, Measure Them Out And Set Up Everything Before I Begin, To Make My Cooking Experience Much Simpler And Enjoyable. “If You Get All Of Your Ingredients Right There In Front Of You, You Cannot Go Wrong. Cooking Is Babysitting And Nursing, So Just Put On Some Great Music And Make It A Good Time” Chef Jenard Advises. Those Valuable Nuggets Of Culinary Bullions Are What Persuaded Me To Subscribe To The Chleo Tv Channel.  

“I Believe A Recipe Is One That You Should Take And Make Your Own, Modify To Your Taste Buds. No Two People Cook The Same, They Can Follow The Same Recipe And It Will Not Taste Exactly The Same. What You Eat And How You Consume Food Are Principal Things And That’s Why I Love New Soul Kitchen, We Bring Different Cultures And Styles Together, Things We All Love, Modified For A Healthier Lifestyle”, Chef Jenard Added. 

Culinary Influencers, Chef Bren Herrera, Chef Essie Bartels, Chef Resha And Chef Ahki Join The “New Soul Kitchen” Cast This Season. “Working With These Ladies Has Been Truly Amazing, We Are A Family Now. Having Them Alongside Me Has Allowed Me To Step Into Their World And Them Into Mine. All Of The Dishes I Have Created With “My Angels”, I Went Home And Recreated For My Family. Whether We Are Cooking Vegan, Cuban, African Or Comfort Food, Showing Us How To Take Their Herbs And Spices And Turn Them Into Something Our Culture Loves Is Terrific! Messing With Chef Essie I Am Eating Mackerel Eyes Now” He Went On To Tell Us, Sounding Pleasantly Amused. 

Like Many During This Covid Pandemic, Chef Jenard Has Been Conscious About Gaining Extra Weight. “I Didn’t Want To Be One Of Those Who Gained The “Corona Weight” So I Got With A Personal Trainer And Have Been Working Out, Losing 40 Lbs Already. I Want To Come Out Of This Thing A Different Me, And I Know That Working Out Is One Part But Changing The Diet The Other.”

With The 2020 Holidays Quickly Approaching, Families Everywhere Are Revisiting Traditional Menus And Minimizing The Table Headcount In Effort To Keep Each Other Safe. “Food Plays A Big Part Of The Holidays But Safety Should Come First. This Year My Family Will Gather Via Zoom. We Will Swap And Prepare Eachothers Recipes Then Sit Down To Eat Together Virtually”, Chef Jenard Disclosed. 


Deeming Soul Food To Be The “Top Of The Food Chain For American Cuisine”, The Jubilant Host Of The “New Soul Kitchen” Is Teaching The World How To Embrace His Constructive Relationship With Food. Through Simple Techniques, Positive Energy And An Authentic Willingness To Train Us How To Prepare Personal Meals More Significantly. This Eclectic Cast Is Replacing The Boring Relationship Those Like Myself Have In The Kitchen, With Curiosity And Anticipation. 

Regardless Of What You Claim To Be, A Plant Based Eater Or Not, Endurance Paired With Gratification For Healthier Cuisines Are Factors We Can All Gain From Watching This Show. 

Extra!  Extra! Extra! Culinary Trends On The Horizon And Secrets To Reinforcing Your Immune System From The Angels Of The “New Soul Kitchen”

 @ Chef Bren- “Garnish Can Take Your Plating To Another Level, You Can Make Something Simple And Elevate It. Truffle Season Is Coming Up. Shave Some Truffles, Add Some Rosemary, Parsley, & Thyme To Your Bacon And Eggs And Take It To The Next Level For Breakfast! Do You, If You Love Something Go For It, Don’t Be Afraid. When Shopping At A Farmers Market, Get To Know The Farmers. Vitamin C, Found In Diverse Bright Citrus, Is What I Always Recommend During The Winter Months. Even For The Kitchen Sink & Dish Disposal, It Will Keep It Clean, Shiny And Fresh Smelling.”

@Chef Essie- “I Created A Spice And Sauce Line To Limit The Intimidation Some Face In The Kitchen Along With Hopes Of Cutting Time In Recipes And Helping People Get More Familiar With Our Flavors, Oils, Grains And Spices. People Are More Inquisitive About Ingredients Now, And On Social Media It Seems Like The Crazier The Trend The Better, So I Am Excited About It. Things Like Moringa, It Is Not Only A Green Powder But Also An Antioxidant, Not Just

Good To Look At But Also Healthy To Ingest, Like Baobab Oil. There Are People Who Are Now Learning Things That I Have Always Known Growing Up In Ghana, Like Shea Butter Can Be Eaten As Well As Cooked With And It Is Delicious. I’ve Had It With Soup And Fried Chicken. Ghana Has The Lowest Covid Rate Because We Eat A Lot Of Spices And Herbs. I Recommend Adding Some Tamarind Into Your Recipes This Winter, As Well As Leaning Heavy Into Spices And Citrus To Bring Down Inflammation”.

@Chef Ahki- “To Get On Board With A Plant Based Lifestyle I Recommend Getting In Tune With The Things That You Love And Just Remix Them. You Can Pull Off Just About Anything Except Boring Because A World Of Opportunity Opens Up To You And Truly Opens Up Your Palate. Whether You Want, Enchiladas, Pizza, Or Buffalo Wings, You Can Have Anything And Have It Plant Based And It Is Delicious. There Are Lots Of Cool Trends Coming In The Hot Beverage Department. Bored With The Pumpkin Spice Latte In Veggie Community, We Are Experimenting With Super Food Lattes & It Is Getting Real Crazy Out Here In These Latte Streets! 

There Is A Moonmilk And Mermaid Milk, A Matcha Latte, Rosewater Latte And A Unicorn Latte With Beet Root Powder & Cardamom Rose Water. The Mermaid Milk Is Infused With Spirulina And Cbd (Which Is Not Going Anywhere). I Akin Immune Boosters Like Tumeric In My Lattes, Soups, Stews & Roasted Veggies, And Ginger In Smoothies And Soups. Oregano Is Another Naturally Powerful Antibiotic. Manuka Oil Is Another Beneficial, And Of Course Adding Sea Moss Into Your Baking, Smoothies And Soups”. 

Novice And Proficient Foodies Can Watch Episodes Of The New Soul Kitchen On Chleo Tv

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