Loved To Death

By:  Malik Pollard

You probably have seen this scenario played out in several movies before. You know the scene: Girl Meets Boy; Girl Falls in Love with Boy; Girl Leaves Boy; Girl Find New Boy; Girl Falls in Love with New Boy; Old Boy Kills Girl. Even Martin Lawrence portrayed a comedic look at this in “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.” Heck! If you turn on the 5 O’Clock news, this scenario probably happens once a month. What you don’t see however is the twists and turns that TV One brings us in “Loved To Death” on Sunday July 21st. The film charts a newly engaged couple whose lives are cut short when they are suddenly gunned down by a crazed ex-lover at a toll booth. Upon meeting and falling in love with Dre (Truvillion), Monica (Williams) leaves a long term abusive relationship with Jackson (Freeman) to be with her new love, that’s the Girl Loves Boy; Leaves Boy part; Loves New Boy; They Get Killed part. Cavel spoke to the cast and one of the things they stressed is the importance as a society to “not always Mind Your Business.” IMO: we as people have become so desensitized to tragedies or injustices that happen around us. Many are afraid to get involved. However, we must find that inner strength to get involved. Malinda Williams shared a story with Cavel about an instance at a hotel where a couple was arguing and yelling so loudly that it made her uncomfortable. She called security because she was concerned; and not that anything happened, but it was a matter of what could happen. Maybe her call was enough to deescalate a situation that clearly was escalating. She chose not to “Mind Her Business” On a final note, MC Lyte, Malinda Williams, and McKinley Freeman were asked, “Why should fans watch this film?” Malinda offered this reason, “The Most important reason to watch this film is because it really shines a spotlight on Domestic Violence and intimate partner abuse, and what the warning signs and red flags, and the sort of nuanced behaviors of abuse can be.” I totally agree, again, it is giving people a voice. Make sure you tune in on Sunday July 21 only on TV One

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