Deadly Dispatch

By: Cavel Davis

First Comes Love, Then Comes Lies, But Murder… You Never See Coming. Continuing with their month of Love, Lies & Murder, TV One delivers yet another True Crime inspired movie, Deadly Dispatch. If you love suspenseful movies filled with action and drama, this one is sure to satisfy.

Deadly Dispatch is directed by Morenike Joela and written by Sadé Sellers. Produced for TV One by Swirl Films, Eric Tomosunas served as executive producer with James Seppelfrick  Darien Baldwin and Keith Neal as producers. The film chronicles the tragic murder of well-liked owner of a struggling taxi company Shawn (Bone Crusher). Tiffany (Tamala Jones) is a local salon owner and Shawn’s longtime, high-school best friend who becomes intertwined in the
puzzling circumstances surrounding his death. With the police classification of the case as being “robbery gone wrong” Tiffany becomes unsatisfied and suspects Shawn’s grieving widow Amber (DomiNque Perry). Using her last bit of strength and motivation to find out what really happened to her friend during his final moments, Tiffany embarks on a quest that will not only endanger her
strained marriage but her life as well. Will she be able to come to terms with a deep secret shared between her and Shawn while seeking justice? 

Tune in Sunday, July 28 th at 8 p.m. ET/7C; Encore Sunday, July 28 th at 10 p.m. This film reminds us to always follow our instincts. If something does not seem right, 9 times out of 10, something is not right!

By:  Malik Pollard

What TV One? You have got to be kidding me! How you going to kill Bone Crusher? Don’t you know HE AINT NEVER SCARED!!! Lol. That’s right folks, I am a little ‘geeked’ about Bone Crusher being in this movie. I admit, I’m fresh off of Essence Music Festival 2019 where I just saw Bone Crusher on stage with Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Nelly alongside Crime Mob, Dem Franchise Boys, and Da Brat; and yes they gave a party. Bone Crusher was a part of that whole movement. So when he told me about this movie “Deadly Dispatch” on TV One in the Essence pressroom, what he failed to mention was that he gets killed. “I’ll get over it, I guess.”  So the film stars Tamala Jones and Bone Crusher and it chronicles the tragic murder of Shawn (Bone Crusher), a well-liked owner of a struggling taxi company. Tiffany (Jones) is a local salon owner and Shawn’s longtime, high-school best friend who becomes intertwined in the puzzling circumstances surrounding his death. Unsatisfied with the police’s classification of the case being a “robbery gone wrong,” Tiffany becomes suspicious of Shawn’s grieving widow Amber (Perry). That’s all I’m going to leave you with, no more spoilers. You must watch on July 28th on TV One to see what happens next. However, for those who need more (and I know you do), check out our interviews by clicking Bone Crusher for our interview at Essence Festival and clicking Tamala Jones for our interview with her at the TV One Presser in L.A.


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