SSSHHH! AllBlk new Series "HUSH"

Follow “relationship fixer” Dr. Draya Logan, a renowned marriage and sex therapist who finds herself entangled in a series of lies, sex, and murder that could cost her everything.

The Synopsis above is just half the story, trust me!
Malik Pollard
MadFlavor TV
Executive Producer
BY: Malik Pollard

Curiosity kills the cat; But AllBlk new Series “HUSH” produced by Octet Productions makes it all worth it,  “sorry lil kitty.” When I first watched the screener for this pretty hot and tempting series, adjectives like Sexy, Sensual, Seductive, and a lot of other ‘S’ words came to mind. HUSH has it’s share of sex, and there is definitely some sex going on in this series, but what really drew me into this series is the SUSPENSE (yet another ‘S’ word).

The Writers and Directors masterfully got my attention from the very first opening scene, and gave an ‘in your face’ jolt of drama. They understood that once they can get you to put down your phone, and pay attention, you are hooked (Side Bar: why do we look in our phones while watching TV?). 

Now that you have my attention, and the setup, the writers were able to keep me fully vested by teasing each of the main characters’ backstory. I found myself saying and conversing with my girlfriend (who often watches shows with me)  about the characters and saying, “Oh I need to know what TF she hiding,” or “Oh she scandalous (another ‘S’ word). I got to see what is up with her (or him).” …And that is the mastery that I am referring to; Giving just enough that the audience is compelled to tune in each week.

Now lets talk a lil bit about these characters:

First you have ‘Syleena’ played by Candiace Dillard; The ride or die wife that breaks ALL the rules and starts a lot of sh!t. Fellas, Syleena is probably the woman you want if you get in a fight, but sadly she is also probably the one who starts most of them (lol).  Not every character you root for, but some are definitely fun to watch, and Syleena is definitely fun to watch. She probably would like to be watched. **insert wink here**

Next you have ‘Jordan’ played by Caryn Ward. Now ‘Jordan’ is definitely one character that I  am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what she into. Jordan, girl, you hiding some secrets and you will be exposed. As they say, things that happen in the dark, WILL come to light; and your sister must be your pimp (jus’ sayin’).

Erica Mena plays ‘Gina’. Gina is the one character I find myself rooting for. Gina is no saint and she ‘aint’ squeaky clean, but I feel for her. I must admit, Erica is doing a great job with this character, and admittedly I had my reservations. but she is “doing tha thang.”

I saved the best of the messiness for last (lol), and that is Ms. ‘Draya’ played by Joyful Drake. Now listen, I wouldn’t trust Draya further than I could throw her. She sure does have everyone wrapped around her finger, especially Q (poor Q (played by Actor Rob Gordon)). Q needs a clue. Draya better stop playing games before she gets hurt, AND EVERY BODY NEEDS TO WATCH THIS SHOW so I can stop holding onto all these spoilers. 

SEXY, SENSUAL, SEDUCTIVE, SCANDALOUS, SUSPENSE,  SALACIOUS, SECRETS…HUSH on AllBlk has it all and we understand if you sneak to watch it in private…SSSHHH!

HUSH is currently streaming on AllBlk with new episodes available each Thursday.

Executive Producers Chuck and Bree West of Octet Productions
Candiace Dillard, Joyful Drake, and Erica Mena
Cast of HUSH at Washington DC Premiere at the Howard Theater

-Images courtesy of Mike Ware of M&M Photography

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