TV One’s “Coins For Love” Delivers much needed Love & Laughter on July 19th

TV One’s “Coins For Love” Delivers much needed Love & Laughter on July 19th

By: Ashley Gayles (Persian Black Queen)

“It’s a love story and I think part of the reason of why we are where we are in this country is because that part of us has been pushed aside for money…This country doesn’t deal with love like it used to; we don’t think about the love that we need to push out…To see a movie where you see black ppl displaying this love can only be helpful for us in this time period”Actor TC Carson

It is almost impossible to not ask anyone that you see or meet; How are you holding up in 2020? This year we are challenged with a deadly global pandemic, social incivility and injustice is reaching a tipping point reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, and  American leadership that is uncaring, unfeeling, bombastic, and simply out of touch. “This too shall pass” as the saying goes, but it is pretty safe to say that many of us struggle to find reasons to feel jovial in these unprecedented times. However, we must look at this moment as a time to create stronger bonds with family, friends, and our fellow man. We must as TC Carson says, PUSH OUT LOVE! It may sound cliche but still holds true that LOVE conquers hate, and love always gives a reason to laugh. On July 19th TV One’s “Coins For Love” surely delivers both.  

“Coins for Love” part two of the movie “Coins for Christmas” is a love story for us to follow Madison (Essence Atkins) as she finds a new love interest in a time when she’s learning to  balance life as a career woman embarking on a new job,  and being a single mother among other challenges.  Madison has a chance encounter with Alec (Stephen Bishop) who offers her a side job as his personal assistant. The two take a friendship and decide to heat things up this summer with a love story filled with loads of curve balls and plot thickening twists. Just as the two decide that this could be the beginning of something real, Madison’s ex-husband Jake (Karon Joseph Riley) and Alec’s ex-fiancé Shelley (Lisa Wilson) both re-enter their lives which leaves Madison in a love triangle. Madison is forced to decide if she is ready for new love or if it’s time to rekindle the old relationship.

“Coins For Love” promises to be an exciting rollercoaster of light-hearted drama as the writer brings several of our current issues to the forefront such as interracial relationships, Black Lives Matter, black single motherhood, and the different dynamics of healthy and unhealthy love and relationships. “Coins for Love” is a very realistic version of  writer Susan Banks’  vision on what love can be and bring the levels and movements of emotional changes that is not portrayed often in black love stories. Writer Susan Banks also thought it was important to include social issues as it relates to today’s social climate, and interracial dating with characters Alec and Shelley. When asked about Lisa Wilson playing Alec’s ex-fiancé Shelley, Stephen Bishop had this to say, “Alec struggled with helping her (Shelley) to understand what it is to be a black man. It’s a fluid situation, as you evolve as a couple when situations arise, there’s always an opportunity for a teaching  and a learning experience as well as  being able to learn how to empathize with the person you’re in a relationship with.”  Stephen Bishop adds, “ I want to give a shout to Lisa Wilson who plays Shelley in the film. she does a fantastic job or conveying the lack of understanding that so many people experience when they are in that situation (Interracial Dating).”  Jason Ryan (TV One Executive Producer) explains, “there’s an authenticity in this (movie) where you see the flaws of all the characters, but you also see what makes them special and that’s life…With this (movie) you get that extra layer to see these characters at their down side and high side it does bring a realistic authentic approach that can help some people feel better about their own flaws.”

While there are definitely plans for a trilogy in the making, be sure to tune in on Sunday, July 19th, 2020 on TV One Network at 9P as we follow the characters in their challenges and possibilities of true love.

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