MIA X: First Lady of THE No Limit Soldiersr

BY: Ashley Gayles (Perisian Black Queen)

BET’s No Limit Chronicles began with a bang introducing Percy Miller and the creation of No Limit Soldier Records last Wednesday. The exciting twist and turns of part one from the series left me hanging on the cliff like a good reality show while awaiting this week’s airing of the Chronicles’ second out of five. Continuing what seems more like a five-part testimony by getting deeper into how the other artist became a part of the family and their back stories being laid out for us to find ourselves in relation to at least one of the many storylines. 

One of the more recent topics that’s being discussed is the importance of respecting and protecting our black women, now was the perfect time to speak with the First Lady of No Limit Soldier Record label also known as “The Mother of Gangster Rap” as stated by Mia X. In our brief interview Mia X gracefully talked with me about what it was like to live in an apartment with the guys while recording and working on their music in California together. “I call them my brothers, my nephews, my sons… It was like a lady with a house full of children.”, Mia X pleasantly laughs, as she responds to my question about how she dealt with all those men in one living space. We also talked about maintaining a form of balance, the sacrifice and reward theory, and how important it was to have both her grandmother and mother there to support through her process of success and being a single mother of two. There was so much class in her deliverance in giving advice on the importance of maintaining your integrity, “Pimp your pen and not your integrity” she proclaims and continues with the message of staying focused on your career and not giving too much of yourself away on your path of success. “Don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re not worthy… you have to walk in this game knowing you are valuable, that’s why you’re here!”.

Mia X, 2019 Essence Festival’s #1 best-selling author with her memoir cookbook titled, “Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me.”, has followed in the footsteps of Master P to create her very own pre-seasoned and pre-packaged rice line “It’s healthy and flavorful!” she says proudly. I’m excited to try this rice, I mean in all honesty; Is there anyone from “The Big Easy” that can’t cook?!

Mia Young is almost polar opposite to the sassy fired up Mia X with her soft spoken, kind tone while giving wisdom from the heart and soul, Mia sets the tone for what we as women should strive to be more of. Just because we are extremely strong, it doesn’t mean we as women have to move brut like men. Speaking with Mia X briefly shows that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Yet again No Limit Soldiers has shown that there is so much more to the movement for all of us. It’s the definition of “related not by blood”.  Reflecting on the artists still representing the record label exemplifies the way our entire community should be moving. 

Be sure to tune in tonight Wednesday, August 5th at 9pm EST on BET and BET Her to check out part 2 of the 5part series as it hopefully continues to speak and encourage us all to be diligent and steadfast whole we move in faith to accomplish our own dreams and goals. – Ash (Persianblackqueen) Gayles 


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