MASTER P: Field Marshal of THE No Limit Soldiers

BY: Ashley Gayles (Perisian Black Queen)

If I were to guess what a No Limit Soldiers’ Creed would be, I would think it would be something like this:

I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my goals. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, and engage…And As far as the ‘Field Marshal’ [Master P] of THE No Limit Soldiers, I would include: the Leader teaches and instructs, but is also humble and available. Most importantly, “NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!”

Ever wondered what it’s like to build an empire from scratch? To make the impossible, possible? How to obtain the unreachable? In a time when we are quarantined and so many are ready to jumpstart a new business or even support more of our black owned businesses, I find it to be important to understand the game and how to invest/profit while building against the odds. I had the opportunity to discuss these topics and so much more with the phenomenal entrepreneur Percy Miller aka Master P, creator of No Limit Records. Master P shared so much knowledge with me regarding what it takes to build something from nothing, and how we all fall down but in order to win we have to get back up again. We discussed what it takes to create many different flows of income, and how a spiritual relationship is most important of all. Master P, owner of “Uncle P’s” products that entails rice, pancake mix, syrup, and flavorful noodles; is a man full of knowledge from years of experience and overcoming his own obstacles. He discussed with me about obtaining financial freedom and uses his success to show the way. If there’s an issue that really gets Master P’s wheels turning, it’s the idea of large companies (not black owned) advertising and marketing directly to our people to gain the “black dollar” and not financially pouring into our communities. Desiring to change the flow, P chooses to create in any market from music to the big screen, to fashion, and food to ensure finances are recycled rightfully back to our people; “Us Helping Us”. It is the drive behind every product that P creates to secure and ensure that the black community has the opportunity to unanimously grow. P talks of how critical it is to stay positive and not look too far into what you don’t have, and how to keep pushing even when you want to give up. We go on to talk about the programs available for children: Breaking cycles; Being a father; How he allows things to happen organically and not having to sell: His respect for Louis Farrakhan as one of our leaders: An album release titled “The No Limit Chronicles Reboot the Last Take” [surely to be a collector’s item(7/29/2020)], and the future release of the movie ”The Ice Cream Man” shortly to follow [the album] to which he states “will bring his story all together”.

On Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 @9p, BET will air a new original five-part docuseries titled “No Limit Chronicles”. Master P starts with,” When you see my testimony, you’re going to say ‘Damn! How could he even get up in the morning?!”. The series is about the making of Master P and No Limit Records. “You gonna see how I came up with everything. My grandfather was in the military so you’re going to see where ‘NO Limit Soldier’ came from,” excitingly says Master P. He goes on to say, “It’s everything I’ve been through, my life never was a piece of cake, never lived a perfect life, but I made the best out of what I

had and hopefully people coming from the bottom will be inspired by my story and ‘say you know what, if P made it out of those conditions I can too!’”. Master P felt it was necessary to share his testimony so that others may understand the good and the bad side of building pretty much anything in life. The owner of Rap Snacks, goes into the details of how his hardships assisted in paving the way for his success and why we must not give up on our dreams. “You gotta pick up the pieces and move forward”, Miller proclaims as he gives me solid advice on how to deal with the unexpected downfalls in life. Percy Miller, along with his brother, were raised by their grandparents in the projects separated from their other siblings. He briefly touches on some of his hardships that will be laid out on the docuseries such as the loss of loved ones and how he had to persevere through those moments in order to keep moving towards the bigger vision of No Limit Records and “leaving no man behind”, sort of speak.

If we are to judge a man by his actions and not by his words, then Master P has successfully displayed that he fits in the armor of a leader that is necessary for our time. Master P genuinely makes statements like “I’m like an open book , I want my people to understand that whatever I can give to them I’m going to give it to them.” As a true spiritually led man, P is a humble man that makes every move intentionally and calculated. A true example of this was his humble approach of dialing me directly to have a one on one conversation without the thought of blocking his number. The conversation started with a calm “Hi, how you doing today?” waiting for me to answer and then replying, “That’s good, this is Master P,” as I gathered my thoughts from answering an unsaved number (which I, like many others, usually forward to voicemail). Master P taught me my first lesson: always answer the call because you never know who God has for you on the other line. Be ready! Be available! Before going straight into a more professional setting for the interview, without rushing, we began to chat for a while like friends sharing laughs and advice as we discussed anything I brought up, without hesitation. P then goes on to invite me to contact him directly for further information on his programs available for our young boys and girls across the nation. That’s a leader; ‘Some Field Marshal ish.’

A leader should set examples for others to follow, “we can fight in the streets or we can play chess,” He exclaims. I find the pathway that Master P has paved for himself and others (starting with his sons and family) took sacrifice and may have had many challenges. However, from the looks of it he’s made the ‘how to’ so simple that anyone can do it. I asked, “Why is there such a cry for a leader in our time when it seems they are evident and very present?” Master P responds, “Back in the day we had leaders like Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali. We knew who they were…today you can’t have just one person standout.” He continues, “They [Today’s Leaders] get drowned out by social media. You have so many with opinions now you can’t say ‘this is our guide’.” Showing how difficult it is to identify leaders because of the distractions of what seems like ‘False Profits’ being present. He went on to mention that, “Even now during the protesting, they don’t know who to follow”.

Returning to the premiere of No Limit Chronicles, I asked Master P, “Why now? Why is it important to release the docuseries on July 29th?” He answered, “July 29th, is officially ‘National Soldier’s Day’; It’s all camo, you gotta wear all camo!” requesting that we all post on social media watching the premier in our ‘camo’ (camouflage). In conclusion of our conversation he wanted to advise people at home right now, “We all have 24 hours. Invest in you. This is a time to start something. If you survive this [COVID/Quarantine] you should be prepared to create something for you and your family. Create a brand, a product or something!”

Tune in to BET with all of your ‘CAMO’ on this Wednesday, July 29th at 9P.M. as we continue the positive exposure of successful black men and women. Also, to witness the importance of testimony and being your own boss!


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