Fanatic Cult of ScHoolboy Q; ScHoolboy Q Concert

Fanatic Cult of ScHoolboy Q; ScHoolboy Q Concert
CrasH Talk Tour (Echo Stage)

I walked into the venue with the show already in progress. The air was aromatically thick and smoky, the house lights were completely out and green strobe lights crossed through a packed crowd. ScHoolboy Q was already on stage and moving closer to him required me getting into the sway of people already rocking in a deep melodic trance of the California native.

This was my first ScHoolboy Q concert and I was instantly drawn into the vibes and strong bass I could feel flowing off his the new album, CrasH Talk. 

Being in the presence of a diverse group of fellow live music lovers is always a self-preference, so I was excitingly surprised to watch everyone reciting full verses right along with Q and engaging each other on their favorite parts. I wasn’t aware that ScHoolboy Q had such intoxicating power but what longtime fan and music DJ, Jermaine “DJ Cook” Johnson explained to me is, “What ScHoolboy Q actually has is considered a “deep cult” following because his fans are truly unadulterated. He makes great songs that have a vintage gangster Compton/Watts feel we easily gravitate to. A great example would be my favorite of his tracks, Man of the Year”. 

After DJ Cook got me hip on the background of my excitingly intense surroundings, the show continued to rhythmically explode with ScHool Boy Q extending an interactive and definitely memorable performance to the end. 

The cult effect ScHoolboy Q has on devoted and new fans is undeniably evident and a live music experience that I too will fanatically cherish. The CrasH Talk album is a heavy hitter from start to finish, but beware, once you start listening you will absolutely be hooked on his mesmerizing craft. 


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