In Broad Daylight

By: Cavel Davis

Get ready for a gripping, fantastic, powerful movie about survival presented by TV One’s month of Love, Lies, & Murder. In Broad Daylight was directed by Kenn Michael and written by Scott Mullen, Produced for TV One by InvenTV, SergioAlfaro and Michaline Babich served as executive producer with AJ Tesler as producer. Shad “Bow Wow” Moss also served as Executive Producer. In Broad Daylight, inspired by True Crime Events tells the story of Jordan Boudreaux (Chyna Layne), who was abducted by her obsessed and estranged boyfriend Steve (Curtis Hamilton). Jordan is an independent woman surrounded by the love of friends and family. Steve, the typical charismatic guy, who girls and the community falls in love with because of his smile and personality charms his way into her life.

Their relationship began as most do, a courtship filled with bliss and no signs of what either party is truly capable of! The couple met at Jordan’s family home where Steve took an interest in Jordan. Blinded by his charm, Jordan, although initially hesitant, gives in and decides to go on a date with him. Thus began their whirlwind relationship, which led to them moving in together. Steve’s controlling, jealous and obsessive behavior although minimal, intensifies when Jordan becomes pregnant.

Steve’s controls Jordan by telling her to quit her job and he will take care of her, while keeping her from family and friends. Once he barricades her in their home, Jordan has finally had enough and reaches out to her cousin Malik (Shad Moss) to aid in her escape. During her escape Steve arrives home and strikes her, which led to her obtaining a restraining order. During an exchange of their son, Steve becomes irate and follows Jordan where he abducts her. Jordan’s family rallies the community while Malik makes it his personal mission to find and bring her home safely. The family, community and police band together to find Jordan before it’s too late.

In relationships we let the good and potential of a person overpower red flags which are just, if not more important than their potential. Although powerful, this movie serves as a reminder to rely on the support of your family and friends, and be strong enough to fight your way out and never give up!

By:  Malik Pollard

TV One’s “In Broad Daylight” takes us on the journey of Jordan Boudreaux (Chyna Lane), a young abducted by her abusive boyfriend Steve (Curtis Hamilton). After Jordan goes missing, her cousin Malik (“Bow Wow”) will stop at nothing to find her, and bring her back home safely. This movie is inspired by true events, and I’m sure we all are 2 degrees removed from someone that we know that has been in an abusive relationship, so it really hits home for some of us. Just as Director Russ Parr said when we interviewed him during the “Bobby DeBarge Story” TV One is producing programming that “Gives a voice to the voiceless” and In Broad Daylight is one of those films. In describing the movie, Chyna Lane explains, “Domestic Violence is something that happens to both Men and Women and it’s something that especially in the Black Community is not talked about enough; and we are making great progress in the next generations to break those vicious cycles that have gone on in past generations…” On purpose or not, TV One is creating content and programming that is not only entertaining (as “The Bobby DeBarge Story” ratings has proven), but is a moral compass to bring awareness to issues that exist that most people don’t want to talk about or are too afraid to give voice to. Many of us talk about ‘living our truth’ and part of that is being able to TELL Our Truth. “In Broad Daylight” is a thriller that will not only keep you on the edge of your seats and yelling at the TV screen, but it will also allow someone to gain the courage of finding their voice. Lastly, the movie welcomes the responsibility of exposing dark, hidden, scars that are within the Black Community. “Don’t get it twisted!” Domestic Violence is not a Black or White thing. However, there is a powerful line in the movie that Chyna says to Cavel in our interview, and that is…”I can’t let my young king growing up to think it’s okay to hit a queen.” That is one of the hidden gems in the movie, and for Executive Producer Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, who had his own stumble to get back up and want to do this movie, might just show his growth and redemption in this area. The Movie airs on TV One on Sunday July 14th, and it is sure to be another #1 hit. Click here for MadFlavor TV’s video coverage.

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